The Petschek Palace    <=|   01   |=>
        The Petschek-house-that was the name
        for the seat of GESTAPO in Prague ... It
        was a palace of murder, bestiality and
        violence, committed on the best sons and
        daughters of the Czech nation. It was the
        Palace of Death.
                                R. Vetiska: Leap into Dark

The Banking Palace was built after the World War I by one of the richest men J. Petschek, who owned most of the Nort+Bohemian coal mines. Before the Occupation of Czechoslovakia he sold his coal mines even his banking palace to the Czechoslovak Government and with his millions he left for England.

In May 1939 Gestapo moved into the empty Petschek palace. It was situated in the centre of the town, had modern equipment, a printing office, laboratories, workshops, garages, telephone-ex-changes even a pneumatic post. Gestapo was carrying out genocide Czech nation from the Petschek House for the time of six years. 600-1000 officials and employees were employed with Gestapo.  They used various forms of terror: preventive arrest, stricter interrogation, psychologic duress, murder and assassination, the opponents of "The Reich" were sent to concentrations camps or put to death.
    The Nazi bestialities were rightfully defined as war-crimes and crimes against humanity.  The Nazi Secres State Service-Gestapo-was declared to be a criminal organization.
    The informative press brings nearer to the public together with the memorial of the Czech Revolt in the former Petschesk Palace, what fascism was. Here the Nazi "SUPERMAN" decided the fate of thousand of Czech patriots in contradiction and Petschek house may become an enlightenment and warning especially for the young ganeration living in peace.

                                    RSDr. Stanislav Hlaváček